Cruiser Self Lubricating Anal Tool Kit

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Combining sensational anal play with perfect lubrication is a task often difficult to achieve, but faff with bottles and toys no longer, getting exactly what you want in one incredibly powerful and pleasurable package. Cruiser from Love Life Products offers sensational sex toys selection that not only offers pleasurable vibrations, but self lubricates to give you smooth comfort and glide whether you are new to anal pleasure or an experienced anal adventurer. Lube-Play technology introduces the world first self lubricating sex toys, offering a lubricated slide at the touch of a button. With brilliant hypoallergenic lubricant, which is water soluble and non-staining, this is the perfect sex toy combination in one. As well as 9 incredible speed and power setting for the ultimate in vibration pleasure, this brilliant Cruiser sex toys set offers you 3 fantastic sheaths, that will perfectly satisfy your every anal stimulation need, with a shape to stimulate every spot desirable.

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