Tickle Your Fancy Womans Guide to Sexual Self Pleasure Book

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A pleasure trove for all of today's women! Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure is a how-to-guide that explains and details everything from the basics of getting started with masturbation to more advanced tips and techniques for enhancing sexual self-pleasure. This 5" x 7" softbound 89-page guide explains over 30 sensual touches and buzzes for a lifetime of ohmygod! orgasms. There are over 60 guiding illustrations to awaken the magic in your hands. Find out how to caress yourself to deep, satisfying G-spot climaxes. Learn to free your mind for all the pleasure you deserve. TV's Talk Sex with Sue Johnson states, "I love it! It's about time women learned the ins and outs of solitary sex." A must read!

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