Booty Glove Medium to XLarge - Cloud Clear

Dolls & Masturbators

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Turn your ordinary jack-off routine into the ultimate stroking session with the amazing BOOTY GLOVE! Perfect for HIM and HER, this incredible masturbation glove is ribbed for pleasure and designed for maximum thrills. The Soft, Stretchy TPR material is body safe, easy to clean, and protects your package from dirty hands, rough palms and long fingernails. Just add lube and the BOOTY GLOVE is ready for action, sliding and gliding up and down your pleasure rod effortlessly with each stroke. When you're ready to finish, penetrate the lips and enjoy one of the most realistic pop shot ever imagined! The BOOTY GLOVE is the ultimate in personal pleasure and can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. It's great for erotic massages, relaxing rubdowns and anywhere you need a helping hand. The glove is ambidextrous to fit either hand and cleanup is a snap after the fun with soap and water. Cloud Clear, Size fits: Medium-X Large Hands

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