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Leaf Plus Fresh. Leaf plus is the next evolution of the leaf brand. Being awarded with the titles of Best New Product Range and Best Environmental Concept in its first year, leaf also earned international recognition when Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone featured the brand on her OpenSky webpage. Building on the success of leaf, leaf plus and adds 3 intensities and 2 functions, as well as boasting enhanced PowerBullet vibration technology for even more power than before! That's right, MORE POWER. Leaf plus is available in 4 popular styles, handpicked from the original leaf collection for their unique features. Prepare to enjoy your favorite luxury products in a whole new way with leaf plus. Single motor. Leaf plus products come from the factory locked. Unlock by holding down the button for 4 seconds until you see an LED light flash once. Repeat to lock. Quickly press the button to progress through each of the vibration intensities and functions. To turn off, progress through to the end of the intensity and function settings. Alternatively, hold down the button for 1 second to deactivate. Leaf plus is able to remember your last used vibration setting simply by pressing the button for 1 second until it turns off. The next time you turn it on, it will start at that same vibration. Clear the memory by progressing through the rest of the settings, or lock and unlock your leaf plus. Securely plug the USB cord into the leaf plus and charge for at least 3 hours prior to your first use. Some USB chargers may recharge at a slower rate, so always make sure the red LED light has disappeared to guarantee a full charge. Do not charge near water. 72mm x 58mm (2.8â   x 2.3â  ). USB charging. Soft touch. 100% silicone finish. Waterproof. Multi-function. Phthalate free. Rechargeable. Powered by PowerBullet.

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